Flat Deck Services

More than ever, the need for flat deck carrier services are in huge demand - Truck Rescue is here to fulfill that need. If it can be put on a flat deck, we can haul it for you, whether within Alberta or across the country. We'll carry cars, trucks, sheds, pipes, machinery, lumber, anything... even buses. Call for a quote for your specific needs.

Our flatbeds can accomodate all types of small to medium construction equipment: aerial lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, skid-steers, forklifts and 20ft containers, bobcats, garden tractor, sheds, etc.

Sliding Axle Trailer Service

* Using specialized 53' trailers which lower to the ground allowing easy, fast and safe loading of any type of tracked or wheeled vehicles or machinery
* Tractor Services
* Picker and Crane Services
* Hauling capacity of 55,000 lbs
* Over size, over length buildings and equipment, 8'6", 9' and 10' widths
* Hotshot
* 24/7 Commitment

Tandem Axle Flatbed Service with 25,000lb Capacity, 26' in Length

* Perfect for hauling equipment including 45' man lifts
* Equipped with ball and pintle hitches
* Hotshot
* 24/7 Commitment

Single Axle Flatbed Service with 10,000lb Capacity, 21' in Length

* Specialized vehicle hauling, lowered vehicles, collector cars, lifted trucks, or simply if you prefer a flatbed
* Equipped with ball hitches for trailers
* Boosting service
* Unlock service
* Any type of cargo under 10,000lb and fitting into a 21' by 102" area
* Hotshot
* 24/7 Commitment

Hotshot Service

* Pickup trucks dispatched to rush goods and equipment where you need it
* 24/7 Commitment

Enclosed Trailer Service

* Transporting valuable automobiles, across Western Canada and USA
* 24/7 Commitment

Hauling Services | TRUCK RESCUE

We know how precious your cargo is, so we take care and use the proper equipment and well trained driver to transport anything you desire. We can schedule regular service for you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or handle a one – time event on short notice. We can tow you back to town double-time or get you back on the road, all at affordable rates..